WordPress Trainer

WordPress trainer Richie Hodges, working in IT since 1990 Richie made his first website in 1999 the early days of HTML coding. He worked in Brussels as a professional IT trainer for 15 years and has a certificate of training quality from the EC for his training skills in English and French.

As well as training the development of Websites for well over ten years he has also taught all the Microsoft products plus Macromedia.

My style is to entertain the students so that they learn the content in a fun and lucid way. I have a very strong background in IT and am able to show how to find solutions by using the net.

Richie has been living on the West coast of Ireland since 2005 when he moved to the village of his fathers youth.

Wordpress trainer photos too

WordPress trainer photos too

Richie Hodges spends a lot of his free time off of wordpress training taking photos check out his own site www.balooz.com