Woocommerce Authipay Setup

Well I just made a new e-commerce site using Woocommerce and had the need to only use a Credit card payment system without Paypal. So after some googling I found Authipay which is apparently an AIB plugin for Woocommerce, initially I contacted the AIB Merchant guys for some help and advice, especially as amazon is mentioned on the installation page…

Woocommerce Authipay Setup

Woocommerce Authipay SetupThey were far from helpful so I continued on my mission using google and reading articles from the net. I emailed the AIB twice and have never had a reply, far from impressive service from them.

I decided after some reading to pay for the plugin 79USD and download it to my computer. Then followed on the familiar sequence of uploading through the WordPress plugin system and installing. Then despite having read all the installation sequences I had a bug report “you do not have permission”. So I restarted everything and had to install another Woocommerce plugin called  “Woothemes helper” this plugin “helped” me to give my purchasing code to enable the payment plugin from Authipay. It the remains necessary to input your merchant codes and it runs.

It works and for that I am grateful, but the help given by AIB Merchant banking was pathetic.

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