Site Creation

You really need your own site, it is obvious in today’s world that internet presence is an obligation for any business. The day of paying through the roof for a site are gone, there are fantastic tools that enable the creation of technically brilliant sites with all the code included for excellent Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Site Creation

Site Creation

Allihies Seaview Bed and Breakfast website

Balooz, a photographic website and reportage

site creation

Nacharlet West Cork arts, crafts and Yoga

Social Media

Also with today’s access to CMS sites such as WordPress (but others too) it is possible to include all the social media sharing tools that are needed to boost visitors to your site. Adding Youtube video will also increase your sites visibility and here at Irishwordpress we can create and upload Youtube video to any site.

Shopping, Blog, Forum any of the modern website types can be created by Irishwordpress quickly and professionally.


So if you want a site made or updated give us a call 0877420443 or email us prices start from as little as 400€ which includes the and hosting for the first year. An example of a 400€ site is sites with shops, video, forums etc have reasonable additional costs. is run by Richie Hodges